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DRAGON NOODLES ACADEMY is now open! Come enjoy our signature Lobster Soup Noodles – made with our five-hour slow-cooked broth, handcrafted noodles and generous chunks of quality Boston Rock Lobster.

Our chefs also serve up delicious Lobster Dim Sum, 8-Treasure Beggar’s Chicken, 24-hour Ale Pork Knuckle, Oven-Roasted Peking Duck, BBQ Char Siu and more.


DNA proudly serves traditional Chinese food with a contemporary spin – using only quality ingredients.

Noodles are part of Hong Kong’s DNA, and we are proud to make ours fresh every day. Thanks to our unique open kitchen, guests can watch our expert chefs knead, stretch and slice our hand-pulled Lanzhou noodles to perfection.

Cooked to order, our handmade noodles star in our signature Lobster Soup Noodles. Full of flavour, the broth comes brimming with Boston Rock Lobster, fresh carp, sea bream and deep-sea fish alongside a mix of root vegetables.

Diners will find lobster all over our dim sum menu as well. Lobster Meat Dumplings, Lobster Turnip Cake, and our take on the traditional flaky radish pastry – Crispy Lobster Puff – are among the favourites.


Served in a big bowl of slow-cooked broth, our signature Lobster Soup Noodles – made with 5-hour fish & lobster broth, hand-pulled Lanzhou noodles, and a whole tail of Boston Rock lobster.


Our skilled chefs turn traditional Turnip Cake on its head, stuffing this flaky dim sum with chunks of Boston Rock Lobster. Our playful presentation creates a feast for the eyes too!


Roasted with Applewood chips, our 6- to 8-week-old Peking Duck is carved out in 3 different ways – crispy skin, which goes well with raw sugar cane; meat with fresh garlic sauce; and meat and skin with pancakes.


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Lunch: 11:30 am to 3 pm.
Afternoon tea: 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm (noodles & selected dim sum only).
Dinner: 6 pm to 11 pm (last order at 10:30 pm).
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