Our Concept

Following Yum Cha and Urban Park – Dining Workshop wanted to offer guests a “quintessential Hong Kong experience”. To capture the city’s spirit, we traced the history behind Hong Kong’s culture and food, working with local craftsmen and respected chefs. The result? A unique dining experience that revives the past with a contemporary touch.

Enter Dragon Noodles Academy. A play on words, the name “Dragon” has another meaning in Cantonese, where the Chinese character refers to “lobster.” The name is fitting – we set out to present Chinese food in a new way, by incorporating lobster in everything from soup noodles to dim sum.

As if lobster-packed dim sum wasn’t exciting enough, Dragon Noodles Academy also wanted to treat diners to an intriguing menu of old-time favourites presented in a fresh way – all while preserving traditional flavours.

In our quest to revitalize Chinese food, we have not only elevated the presentation of classic dishes, but have also improved casual bites, such as dim sum and noodles. Our talented culinary team prepares these stalwart favourites fresh daily, using quality ingredients and eliminating MSG. While the chefs harness fine-dining techniques, DNA prides itself on offering value-for-money to diners.